Adv. Rachel Ben-Ari

Advocate Ben Ari serves as a regular legal advisor to the heads of universities committee and higher education institutions. She was chairman of the Haifa District Committee of the Israeli Bar (first woman to hold that position) in 2002-2011, and also a director on behalf of the public in the Second Channel News Company; she has been a member of the National Commission of the Israeli Bar and a member of the Judicial Selection Committee since 2008. She was also among the founders of the Legal Aid Center named after the late Judge Haim Cohen.

Advocate Ben Ari received her LL.B, Magna cum laude from Tel Aviv University in 1983 and was admitted to the Israeli Bar in 1983.

Areas of specialty: administrative law, higher education laws, wills and estate administration, legal counseling to public associations and bodies, real property, tenant protection, and arbitration.

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