Professor Howells, Geraint

1993   Comparative Product Liability (Dartmouth) 333pp + viii.
1995   The Law of Consumer Protection (Dartmouth) (with S Weatherill) 601pp + xxii
(second edition 2005)
1997   European Consumer Law (Dartmouth) (with T. Wilhelmsson) 464 pp + vii
1998   Consumer Product Safety (Dartmouth) 388 pp + ix.
2000   Product Liability General Editor) in Butterworths Common Law Series 594 pp +lvi
(second edition 2007)
2006   European Fair Trading – The Unfair Commercial Practices Directive (with Hans
Micklitz and Thomas Wilhelmsson) 295pp +xvi
2007 The Law of Product Liabilty (ed) (2nd ed) 924pp + lxxxii
The Tobacco Challenge (Ashgate) 323 +

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