Prof. Francis Mcgovern

Prof. Francis Mcgovern


Francis E. McGovern is Professor of Law at Duke University School of Law and has been a Visiting Professor at Stanford School of law, University of California (Berkeley) School of Law, University of Fribourg (Switzerland) School of law, MIT School of Business, and a number of other universities. Professor McGovern has the unusual ability to integrate practical experience, abstract thinking, and teaching. This has earned him the “triple crown” in the legal community as premier practitioner, scholar, and teacher in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

His name is virtually synonymous with “mass claim” litigation in the U.S. involving DDT, TCE, PCB and other chemical cases, medical devices such as Dalkon shield and silicone gel breasts implants, asbestos, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and currently the opioid epidemic. He has also served as a neutral in cases involving institutional reform, securities, antitrust, employment, American Indian treaties, water rights, contracts, false claims, and many others.

Countries outside the United States now are recognizing the effectiveness of Professor McGovern’s expertise. Working with United Nations Compensation Commission which was set up to ensure that Iraq compensated citizens, businesses, and government agencies for losses suffered in the Persian Gulf War, Professor McGovern helped construct a legal framework for handling the 2.6 million claims for reparations from Iraq. He also is developing a transnational ADR center in Europe to handle torts, including silicone gel breast implants and HIV infected blood cases, that cross national boundaries.

A prolific writer, Professor McGovern is the co-author of two books and over one hundred law review and scholarly articles. He delivers over forty speeches annually to lawyers, judges and general audiences.


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