Professor Astrid Stadler

Professor Stadler completed her PhD in 1988 and qualified as a professor at the University of
Freiburg, Germany in 1993. Since 1994 she has held a chair of private law, civil procedure
law, private international law & comparative law at the University of Konstanz, Germany,
and has had a part-time chair of comparative mass litigation at Erasmus University,
Rotterdam (Netherlands) from 2011-2015. Her fields of research are civil procedure law
(German, European and international) with a focus on collective redress, but also contract
law, and property law. She is vice-president of the German Association of Civil Procedural
Law and co-editor of the German “Juristenzeitung” (JZ). She has published more than 60
articles on collective redress and has worked as an expert on international conferences and for
public regulators and ministries in Europe. Since 2013 she has been a co-reporter of two
working groups in the European Law Institute/UNIDROIT project “From Transnational
Principles to European Rules of Civil Procedure”. The project will present model rules for
domestic and cross-border civil proceedings in the European Union including collective
redress in early 2020.

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