Adv. Itamar Anaby

Born Haifa, Israel, 1956; admitted to practice law in Israel (1983). Itamar is married with four children.

Itamar is one of the senior partners at the firm and currently serves as the head of the Litigation Department. He is described in the Legal 500 2015 rankings as a “real expert” in his field, and by Chambers Global 2016 as “One of the best legal minds in Israel, which he couples with modesty. He is extremely smart and incredibly personable”.

He has been practicing law for over 30 years and has a vast experience in commercial transactions and litigation.

Itamar has extensive experience in dispute management. He represents some of Israel’s largest companies and many non-Israeli entities before various judicial bodies (including the Supreme Court of Israel), as well as in arbitration proceedings. The cases handled by him include disputes related to commercial transactions, disputes between partners or shareholders, and petitions against governmental and municipal authorities in Israel. In addition, Itamar regularly represents defendants in class actions. In recent years, he has been representing leading Israeli universities in precedential cases.

In addition, Itamar has been representing parties, including non-Israeli entities, in diversified commercial transactions.

Itamar is an expert in agency and distribution matters and litigation related to agency and distribution relationships. Due to his expertise, Itamar has participated in various forums, which examined and formulated legislative initiatives in this field. In 2010-2011, he participated as a representative of the Israel Bar Association in the legislation proceedings of the new Agency Contract Law (Commercial Agent and Supplier), 2012.

He is often appointed as arbitrator or mediator in commercial disputes, either by the Israeli courts or by the parties involved.

In 2015, Itamar was appointed as the Deputy Head of the Israel Bar International Forums committee.

Other Legal Experience: Itamar was an associate at White & Case’s New York office (1986-1987). He taught commercial law at the MBA program of the Faculty of Management and Industry of the Technion Institute of Technology. Itamar has chaired a number of professional seminars to lawyers organized by the Institute of Professional Training of the Israel Bar Association.

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