Dr. Durovic, Mateja

M. Djurovic, “European Law on Unfair Competition and Contract Law” (HartPublishing, Book accepted, publication expected in early 2016)
M. Djurovic, “The meaning of a commercial practice under EU Law” (EuropeanReview of Contract Law, forthcoming)
H.W. Micklitz and M. Djurovic, “International Consumer Law” (Routledge, publicationexpected in late 2015)
M. Djurovic, “The impact of Directive 2005/29/EC on unfair commercial practices oncontract law” (Article accepted for the European Review of Private Law, publication

expected in Summer 2015)
C. Riefa/M Djurovic. ‘Serbian Consumer Law: out with the old, in with the new’ (Maastrich Journal of European and Comparative Law (2015 forthcoming)
J. Stuyck/M. Djurovic, “External dimension of EU Consumer Law” in M. Cremona/H.Micklitz (eds.) External dimension of EU Private Law (Book Chapter – Oxford

University Press 2015 forthcoming)
M. Djurovic, “Europeanization of private law through the ECJ case law” (Paperpresented at Conference on Contract Law at the University of Nevada, USA – sent for

publication, currently being peer reviewed)
M. Djurovic/N. Lazarevic, “Towards the European Union: The Serbian Law onConsumer Protection and the Position of the Serbian Consumer” (2014) 3 Journal of

European Consumer and Market Law 17

M. Djurovic, “The Apple Case: The Commencement of Pan-European Battle againstUnfair Commercial Practices” (2013) 9 European Review of Contract Law 253
M. Djurovic, “EU Consumer Law outside the European Union: the case of Albania”(2013) 36 Journal of Consumer Policy 269
M. Karanikic/H. Micklitz/N. Reich under collaboration of R. Buttner/M. Djurovic/T.Roethe/D. Trbojevic, “Modernising Consumer Law” (Nomos 2012)
M. Djurovic, “EU Consumer Law: Does it really protect consumer” (paper presented atthe Young Scholars Law organized by Professor Maduro and Weiler, to be published in

EUI Working Paper Series)
M. Djurovic, “Serbian Contract Law: its development and the new Serbian Civil Code”(2011) 7 European Review of Contract Law 65
M. Djurovic, “The latest development of EU Consumer Law” (2010) 3 Pravo i Drustvo77

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