Prof. Andre Janssen

André Janssen is a chair professor at the Radboud University . He has previously held positions at the Universities of Bayreuth, Göttingen, and Münster in Germany. Furthermore he was (with the support of the European Commission) a visiting scholar at the Universities of Nijmegen, Oxford and Turin and member of several research networks. He published more than 100 books and articles in the field of Private, European and Comparative Law. His latest books are ‘International Sales Law: Contract, Principles & Practice’ (edited together with DiMatteo, Magnus and Schulze, publisher: C.H. Beck, Hart and Nomos 2016) and his German ‘Habilitation’ (his second PhD in law) with the title ‘Präventive Gewinnabschöpfung’ (‘Preventive disgorgement of profits’). The latter was awarded the Marie Curie Award in 2015 by the European Commission. He is the chief-editor of the European Review of Private Law (ERPL) and the head of the German redaction committee of the Italian law journal Contratto e impresa / Europa.

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