Prof. Oren Gazal-Ayal

Oren Gazal-Ayal, is the  dean of the Faculty of Law, A Member of the Israel Young Academy and the director of the Center for the Study of Crime, Law and Society. He is an expert in criminal law and procedure, in sentencing law and in law and economics. Most of his studies are interdisciplinary and written in collaborations with economists, psychologists, sociologists and other social scientists. His scholarship has been published in numerous law reviews and peer-reviewed journals, including Duke Law Journal, The Journal of Law & Economics, The Journal of Empirical Legal Studies and all of the leading Israeli legal journal. His papers are frequently cited in decisions of the Israeli Supreme Court. He serves as a Member of the Advisory Committee to the Minister of Justice for Criminal Procedure and Evidence Law, and of the Academic Advisory Forum to the Inspector General of the Israeli Police. In the past he was also a member and coordinator of the public committee for the Examination of the Punishment and Treatment of Convicted Offenders (the Dorner Committee) and in numerous other public advisory positions, advising the Knesset, the Attorney General, the Military Advocate General etc.  He initiated a reform in alternative for criminal proceedings in Israel, and his proposed reform was legislated by the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) in 2012. He won several prizes for his research including the Minister of Public Security Prize (twice: 2002, 2008), the Dusty and Ettie Miller Prize for Outstanding Young Scholar (2008) and the Cegla Prize  (2008). He also won several prestigious and competitive research grants from, among others, the Israel Science Foundation (ISF, three times) and the German Israeli Foundation (GIF). Gazal-Ayal has been a visiting scholar and visiting professor in numerous universities around the globe including NYU law school (1999) Connecticut law school (2004), Michigan Law School (with Fulbright, 2004-5), the Max Planck institute in Freiburg (2007) and Aix-Marseilles (with Erasmus Mundus Grant, 2008). In 2009-2010 he served as the president of the Israeli Law and Economics Association. In addition to his membership of the Israel Young Academy he was elected as a member of the Global Young Academy, and based on the nomination of the Israeli Academy of Sciences, Gazal-Ayal was selected by the IAP – The Global Network of National Science Academies, as one of 55 “Outstanding Young Scientist” and took part in the New Champions 2010 meeting of the World Economic Forum Summer Meeting (the “Summer Davos” meeting). In the University of Haifa he served as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Law a member of the university board of governors, a member of the university senate and a member the research authority council.

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